Napoleon's Campaigns - Openings in Ongoing and New Games 

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Napoleon's Campaigns - Openings in Ongoing and New Games 

Postby T.W.C » 25 Mar 2017, 21:07

Post here to find players for a new NCP game or to fill positions in ongoing and New games.
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Postby tinjaw » 25 May 2017, 18:14

Lord Helm wrote:Hello, I am Lord Helmchen/ Anton Knallkopf and used to play HWN as well as NTW III together with Lancier, zu Pferd and other fellows. After a longer break I'm back to have some fun again. I own the already mentioned games, plus Napoleon's Campaigns, SoWWaterloo as well as Battleground Napoleonic Wars. hoping to find some decent gaming-fellows soon

I am your servant Lord Helmchen

I am coming out of hibernation. I have not been active for many months. But due to a recent change in schedule, I will be able to play again. I have never played a PBEM game of Napoleon's Campaigns and am interested in doing so. Would you be receptive to a game?
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