TWC PBeM Duels Tournament #1 Rules and Event information

1VS1 Mirror Battles

TWC PBeM Duels Tournament #1 Rules and Event information

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2017 TWC PBeM Duels Tournament #1
"1VS1 Mirror Battles"

Tournament #1 site: http://twctournament.strikingly.com/

[Required Ageod Titles: Napoleon’s Campaigns (NCP) and/or Civil War 2 (CW2)]


Image * Image

Player Pairings for NCP and CW2 Titles:


Rules for 2017 TWC Tournament #1:

The purpose of this tournament is to provide a registered TWC event in which players can gather and engage each other in entertaining combat. It is intended to be a fun way for members to interact, meet other members who they may never have met, and strengthen the bonds between the officers across our club.

Officers participating in this tournament are to conduct themselves with honor at all times, remaining respectful of their opponents and abiding by the rules outlined herein. 

This tournament is intended to be a fun, social event of learning and interaction among the fine officers that we have in the TWC.


This tournament will use 2 Ageod titles, Napoleon’s Campaigns (NCP) and/or Civil War 2 (CW2). Members of TWC may register for both game titles’ Duels or just one.

These scenarios will be played as a simultaneous, mirror matched game. This means that each officer will play both sides in the engagement. The officer who did better ( officer scoring the highest combined total points from both games) in both battles will be the winner of the combined battles. It is intended that this mirror matching process eliminate any possible advantage, real or perceived, that one side might have over another in any particular scenario.

Games and Scenarios1.png
Games and Scenarios1.png (13.84 KiB) Viewed 320 times

Tournament moderator will determine the pairings for NCP and CW2 Duels with random.org after registrations are complete.


For NCP mirror battles French side will always host the battle and for CW2 mirror battles the Union side will host the game so both opposing players will have the chance to host a game
If both sides agree, they can play both mirror games as "Shared Hosting" to complete the game quicker.

In any case, Battle Turns must be send to the host in MAX 48 HOURS.

NCP PbeM Game Settings:
NCP Setup.png
NCP Setup.png (190.01 KiB) Viewed 312 times

CW2 PbeM Game Settings:
CW2 Setup.png
CW2 Setup.png (193.44 KiB) Viewed 312 times


After the pairings a battle topic with a number and related names will be opened under the forum TWC PBeM Duels #1 - 1VS1 Mirror Battles. Also a slack room and dropbox folder will be created for the battles so the sides can use.

TOURNAMENT Hall of Fame Points & AWARDS:

All officers completing both of thier mirror matched games to a conclusive resolution will receive CLUB HoF points. Winners of the Duels will get 6 points and losers/participants will get 3 points.

The winners of the Duels will receive TWC Tournament #1 Medals as well as shown below.

TWC Duel/s Medals

NCP DUELS Victory Medal:

CW2 DUELS Victory Medal:

Besides all officers completing both of thier mirror matched games to a conclusive resolution will receive TWC Tournament #1 Ribbons as well as shown below:

TWC NCP Duel/s Participation Ribbon:

TWC CW2 Duel/s Participation Ribbon:

If any disagreement between players occur the tournament moderator will act as an arbitrator and his decisions will be final and binding to all parties.


Players can register to the tourney HERE indicating the Ageod title Duel they want to participate. Players may join one of the title Duels or both as long as they can finish their games !!!

Tournament Matchups and Results:
T1 Matchups and Results.png
T1 Matchups and Results.png (733.12 KiB) Viewed 93 times

2017 TWC PBeM Duels Tournament #1 Winners & Awards:


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